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We know that getting a business connected is different from a residential installation. That's why we have a team of specialised Melita Business installers who will get you connected to our fibre optic network within 2 working days. Whilst your business is up and running, our Business installers will continue with any additional works in the fastest, least disruptive way possible.

Melita Business Account Managers are assigned by industry segments, so your contact will better understand your needs to better serve your needs.

365 x24 x7 support

We place a premium on being available to support your business and answer any queries quickly and seamlessly. If you need to contact us your query will be assigned to a single point of contact, a person who specialises in the type of support you need, and who will be responsible for ensuring quick resolution and keeping you updated.

Choose your preferred contact method whether it's online chat, visiting our Mriehel service centre or any of our retail outlets, calling 2727 3535 or directly contacting your account manager.

Reliability, guaranteed.

With Melita Business you'll be connected to the internet over a mature network with fully redundant international connectivity, constantly monitored and maintained by Melita technicians. We take reliability very seriously and commit to strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) with a clear uptime commitment.

Your connection will be reliable and fast -we promise our internet customers that they will reach their subscribed download and upload speeds when connected directly to the internet via a wired connection.

On-Site Support

We understand that business productivity is of utmost importance. We also understand that many times a business' productivity depends on the products and services we provide. If something goes wrong, your business will be serviced by specialist technicians and engineers who are fully dedicated to our Melita Business customers, ensuring your services are fully restored as smoothly, and as soon as possible. Melita Business customers enjoy a repair SLA which will be between 4hours and 1 working

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