Business Flexi Duo

Internet Telephony

Business Flexi Duo gives you control and the flexibility to choose the Internet and Telephony services that best suit your business. The Business Flexi Duo bundle starts with a fast 250 Mbps Internet connection and free calls to other Melita fixed and Melita mobile lines. The flexibility of this service lets you upgrade to a superfast 1,000 Mbps connection and add more free calls, depending on your needs.

Business Flexi Duo starts with the following

Business Internet
250 x 15 Mbps

Benefit also from free optional Static IP and 10GB melitaWiFi for Free every month

Melita Fixed and Melita Mobile Unlimited

Unlimited calls to any Melita fixed or Melita mobile number

Construct your own service bundle to fit your particular business needs.

Choose what you need according to your business requirements and enjoy best in class services at great value with no unnecessary costs.





Melita Business WiFi

Keep your business connected with Melita Business WiFi; a scalable, flexible WiFi solution which optimises the available bandwidth across all online users, so that your employees get the strongest possible signal, with log-In options which can be adjusted for different levels of access and security. Enable clients to access your business WiFi whilst collecting their details and consent for future contact.

Fixed International Rates

For added peace of mind and the freedom to use your fixed business line to call fixed and mobile numbers in EU, Australia, Canada, China and USA, we offer the option of adding 100 international minutes for €3/month or 500 minutes for €5/month.
Calls over and above the International Minutes Bundle, cost 5c/minute

Business Mobile

Whether your business is a large corporate company, a small to medium enterprise or even if you are a sole trader, we offer a range of pay monthly or prepaid (sim only) mobile business plans to suit your needs and your budget. Whilst adapted to different business and enterprise models, all our plans are 5G ready and offer reliability, flexibility and cost-efficiency.