Business Flexi

Internet TV Telephony

Absolute control and flexibility to choose the Internet, Television and Telephony services that best suit your business needs. At its basic level Business Flexi starts with; a superfast 250 Mbps connection, free calls to other Melita fixed and Melita mobile numbers, as well as some of the more popular TV channels. Should you need to, you can add internet speed, free calls or TV channels giving your business better connectivity, more peace of mind and more entertainment options.

Business Flexi starts with the following:

Business Internet
250 x 15 Mbps

Benefit also from free optional Static IP and 10GB melitaWiFi for Free every month

TV 'Starter' NexTV

20 digital & 4 HD channels included.

Selection of all Maltese & most popular Italian channels

Melita Fixed and Melita Mobile Unlimited

Unlimited calls to any Melita fixed or Melita mobile number

Construct your own service bundle to fit your particular business needs.

Choose what you need according to your business requirements and enjoy best in class services at great value with no unnecessary costs.





Up your TV Entertainment

Raise your TV world to another level with Melita Business TV. 140 live channels, more than 50 HD channels, over 100 interactive channels, 1000s of shows OnDemand and the best sports on eight TSN channels. From BBC Earth HD to CBeebies HD, from Food Network HD to MTV plus the flexibility to choose just what your business requires.

TV Channels Screen

Melita Business WiFi

If your employees are regularly working online on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, they'll need the fastest, strongest WiFi signal possible. With Melita Business WiFi the available bandwidth will be shared evenly amongst all online users, so everyone gets a WiFi signal strong enough to boost their productivity. We also provide Wide Area Networks (WAN) for networking your business building, and fibre solutions to connect different locations.


If getting on with business is what you’re after, then our Business Stars mobile plan is what you’re looking for. This ultra-flexible 4.5G mobile plan starts at only €5 a month and includes your SIM, mobile number and free incoming calls. Then, depending on the size and nature of your business, you can choose different add-ons such as unlimited calls, SMS, mobile data and international calls to build a mobile plan for each employee.