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Our fibre internet service is built on our mature and fully redundant nationwide fibre optic network; offering the best internet connectivity service in and out of Malta.

According to your business needs, choose dedicated service on a 1:1 contention ratio for mission-critical applications, or a cost-effective 1:8 contention ratio for standard symmetric operations.

Our internet service is unparalleled and backed up by a Service Level Agreement that includes committed uptime and a service repair guarantee with penalty fees for any breaches.

Our fibre internet solutions

Select your enterprise-grade internet service based on your business needs.

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Premium Internet

  • For businesses that need constant, reliable speeds for their applications
  • Premium speeds with Low contention ratio of 1:8
  • Uptime SLA up to 99.6% with penalty fees for breaches
  • Service repair SLA within 6 hours
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Dedicated Internet

  • Ideal for mission-critical services such as live gaming, banking applications and video streaming
  • Guaranteed bandwidth with 1:1 contention
  • Uptime SLA up to 99.8% with penalty fees for breaches
  • Service repair SLA within 4 hours
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IP Transit

  • For operators with their own AS-number for direct BGP peering through AS12709
  • Committed capacity with no contention (1:1)
  • Uptime SLA up to 99.9% with penalty fees for breaches
  • Service repair SLA within 4 hours
International network

Superior capacity through multiple in-built redundancy elements aimed at offering the best possible connectivity services out of Malta.

Dedicated Support

At Melita Business we know our customers depend on our services to keep their businesses thriving. Our team of experts provide round-the-clock support for our corporate clients, offering:

24/7/365 technical support

Strict service level agreement

24/7/365 monitoring of systems alerts

Direct escalation to support manager when needed

Commercial account executive

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