Business Fixed Telephony

Fixed line telephony is still a must-have for many businesses, and the good news is that the Melita Business fixed telephony packages won't dent your profits.

Whether it's through a single line, multiline SIP trunk, or the Cloud PBX service our packages are designed to enable your business and increase productivity. For added peace of mind, calls to other Melita numbers are free, with options to add free calls to other local numbers too.

Which service is best for you?

Cloud PBX

Built for businesses who do not wish to invest or manage their own PBX. Take advantage of this robust virtual PBX, centrally managed by Melita Business.

  • Unlimited calls to all Melita numbers
  • Bundles for calls to all local numbers
  • Starting from 2 simultaneous voice calls, and 10 extensions
  • IVR, Call recording, and many more features available



€116.82 (VAT included)

per month

SIP Trunk

Ideal for businesses that have their own PBX on-premises or in the cloud. This solution relies on your internal IT expertise or your trusted system integrator.

  • Unlimited calls to all Melita numbers
  • Bundles for calls to all local numbers
  • Starting from 4 simultaneous voice calls
  • Readily integrated with leading PBX brands



€47.20 (VAT included)

per month

More information:
  1. A €0.50 direct debit mandate charge may apply.
  2. If you would like to receive paper bills a €2 charge applies. Have you tried our MyMelita online portal? It’s very convenient and you can follow your usage and bills and pay online. Click here.
  3. Click here to read the 24 Month Term - Standard Ts & Cs, Month on Month - Standard Ts & Cs, Conditions of Service

Does your business require just a single line?

If all you need is a single line, we can help you with that too.

You may also choose to take advantage of the free telephony line that is included with all our Business Internet packages.

Construct your own service bundle to fit your particular business needs.

Choose what you need according to your business requirements and enjoy best in class services at great value with no unnecessary costs.


More about our Cloud PBX

If uptime and continuity are imperative to your business, then our Cloud PBX telephony solution is the answer. Located in our secure data centres and hosted on redundant platforms, our cloud based telephony service guarantees maximum performance with the tightest ISO security standards. This frees up your IT teams allowing them to focus on other business priorities.

  • No hardware to maintain
  • Full end-to end service
  • Enables remote offices in a single environment
  • No hidden costs
  • Retention of extension and direct phone numbers

Fixed but also very mobile

Softphone functionality allows the user to register his extensions over the internet without needing designated physical hardware. This can be installed both through desktops and mobile devices through a specific application.

Hit the ground running with SIP

The SIP trunk service provides multi-line telephony over an ethernet handover. By integrating with leading SIP PBX brands such as 3CX, Asterisk, FreePBX and Cisco.

Keep your existing number

If you already have a fixed line number with another provider we will help you move that to Melita Business at no extra charge. Melita Business offers the flexibility of various Direct-Dail-In (DDI) numbering ranges based on your specific business needs together with any additional single line numbers (MSNs) as required.

Let us build your office Telephony
and Wi-Fi network

International Call Rates

Calling overseas has never been easier or more affordable. Our plans give you the option of adding extra international minutes to your bundles, and with one rate per minute for each country we guarantee that bill-shocks become a thing of the past.

Additional features of Business Telephony

Experience seamless communication with Melita Business Telephony - enjoy features such as call forwarding, Do not disturb, and more.

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