Hosting for Blockchain and Crypto in Malta

We offer hosting solutions for innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) and Crypto. All solutions adhere to the necessary regulatory and compliance regulations required by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority. Companies operating in the digital innovations space in Malta benefit from Melita’s top tier hosting and connectivity solutions that are in line with MDIA and MFSA application processes, guaranteeing secure transactions and excellent performance.

Hosting solutions for forensic nodes

Whether you are launching or looking to expand your innovative technologies business in Malta, we offer cost-effective replication servers and forensic nodes that meet all security requirements, regulations and guidelines as required for certification and MDIA licencing.

Cloud VPS

  • A VMWare-built service with your choice of RAM, CPU cores and Hard Disk to suit your needs.
  • Immediate availability of resources with no setting-up or provisioning delays.
  • A cost-effective OPEX model with no capital expenditure

Dedicated Servers

  • Fully managed infrastructure in a highly secure and segregated physical environment.
  • Bespoke solution made up of servers, firewalls, switches and storage; designed by our experienced managed-services team
  • All configuration and ongoing management are included for long-term peace of mind.


  • Bring your own dedicated hardware to one of our secure Data Centres.
  • Outstanding physical security, power supply, cooling resources, bandwidthand full remote-hands accessibility.
  • Choose from two distinct Data Centres built to Tier III specifications.

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Server Rack

More hosting options to suit your needs

We offer a variety of hosting options depending on the specific needs of your Blockchain, VFA, DLT or Crypto company. All options come with on-site 24/7 support services and very strict Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Hybrid Setup

The ideal mix of Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers that leverage the on-demand resources of Melita’s cloud environment with a dedicated server to host your specific applications or databases.

Infrastructure as a Service

An end-to-end managed solution that is custom designed to suit your specific requirements. Tailor-made infrastructure, with multiple servers, storage, redundant firewalls and switches.

Multi-Site Hosting

Melita provides hosting services from two distinct Data Centres in Malta. Both facilities are securely linked with a fibre ring and an optional Layer 2 fibre to your office.

Green hosting

In 2021 Melita became carbon neutral. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by minimising our electricity consumption, investing in solar energy and supporting international renewable energy projects. We have set emissions reduction targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The targets, covering greenhouse gas emissions from our operations, are consistent with reductions required to keep warming to 1.5°C, the most ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement.

Facility certifications

MDIA guidelines for forensic nodes in Malta

The Malta Digital Innovations Authority has issued the below guidelines about the establishment of Forensic Node servers in Malta. Our hosting solutions facilitate all this and are fully compliant with these requirements:

  • The Forensic Node must be wholly based in a Maltese data centre and must be accessible to the Technical Administrator at all times.
  • There need to be documented procedures detailing how the Technical Administrator has access to the data stored on the Forensic Node,
  • There must be clear identification of the datasets and events which will be collected and retained on the Forensic Node
  • Detailed descriptions must be available of the security measures and mechanisms in place to ensure that data and events stored in the Forensic Node cannot be tampered with.
  • Data retention policies must be detailed, justifying the storage, deletion and access parameters of the Forensic Node in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws

Super connected

Benefit from enterprise-grade symmetric connectivity with Melita’s mature and fully redundant nationwide fibre optic network. We guarantee first-in-class connectivity through dedicated, high-capacity point-to point international circuits, with traffic to mainland Europe transited through multiple submarine cables.

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