What does the term “aggregated” mean when viewing my usage details?

Every mobile plan that Melita offers has its own benefits and terms. These could differ from free minutes to other local networks, free minutes to Zone 1 countries, free amount of mobile data, and several others.

“Aggregated’ is the term that we use to describe a particular record, which could either be a call or use of data, overlaps a different rate.

An example of this type of usage is the following: If you are subscribed to a mobile plan and have 60 free minutes to other local networks, and right now you have currently used 59 from 60 of these minutes. If in the next call that you make to another local network takes longer than 1 minute, this specific call will be shown as “aggregated” in the two different records provided in the usage details. This is because the first minute will be shown as ‘free’ since it is part of your mobile plan benefits, and the other remaining minutes will be displayed with the respective call rate after the benefit limit has been exceeded.