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Monday, May 03, 2021 by Simon Baldacchino Barthet

Senior Sales Manager
“Having a superior all-around offering is the goal of every serious business, but one which only the super-committed can achieve.” Simon Baldacchino Barthet – Senior Sales Manager

A few years ago, Melita Business embarked on a journey to provide the B2B market with the best all-around offering within the telecommunications industry.  The direction from senior management was to do whatever it takes to achieve this, and so we did. 

Besides investing heavily in the latest, high-end, top-tier technology, we knew that if we were to succeed in reaching our goal, we also had to find the right people to manage Melita’s B2B offering. In addition to recruiting the right people, we were also to design the most efficient management structure that would really set us apart from the competition.

As the late Stephen Covey wrote, we knew we first needed to listen and understand. This insight led us to structure a team in an unconventional way: instead of segmenting our clients by the size of their business, which is the industry norm, we segmented our clients according to business type. Every member of our team works on a particular business segment, such as Government Agencies, Retail Branches, Small Office Businesses. In this way each team member becomes an expert in the particular needs of their clients.

With this specialised knowledge, Melita’s acquisition team, and Key Account Managers are best placed to understand their clients’ needs.  By being able to immediately direct the customer to the right solution we eliminate trial and error situations and can bring real insight to our customers from the very first meeting or conversation.

Our approach is mirrored on www.melitabusiness.com, where a customer can choose which business they are in, from self-employed traders to small office businesses, from catering establishments to retail networks and large corporations, from hotels to government agencies.  The website journey is then adapted to more relevant for that particular business, with suggested solutions tailored to common needs.

As every business client will tell you, good customer experience surpasses any price incentive, and with this in mind, we created a system where every client gets a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and a Segment Key Account Manager to assist with any aspect of their service .

Although hardware and technology require a hefty investment and are necessary for the provision of any good telecom service, it is the quality of the service, and the relationship between a service provider and client, that makes the biggest difference.  

Our aim is to help our clients grow by moving away from the one size fits all model, offering instead our experience and expertise in the client’s specific business segment.  It is only in this way, that we can grow together.

Simon Baldacchino Barthet

Simon Baldacchino Barthet

Senior Sales Manager

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