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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 by Stephen Vella


With over 25 years of dedicated service at Computime, Stephen Vella, its Chief Technology Officer, has both witnessed and contributed to the company’s evolution into a leading force in the local IT industry. Established in December 1979, Computime boasts a legacy spanning more than 45 years, marked by innovation, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence. In this blog, Stephen shares insights into Computime’s journey, its diverse divisions, and its strategic partnership with Melita Business to deliver comprehensive IT solutions.

Evolving and Growing

Having spent over two decades at Computime, I’ve witnessed the company’s growth and transformation. Today, Computime operates across three main divisions, each playing a pivotal role in our success story.

Our software business solutions division is a testament to our expertise in delivering advanced resource planning solutions, custom developments, and robust financial systems. Focusing on innovation and client satisfaction, we’ve carved a niche in the competitive IT landscape.

In addition, our FinTech division represents the latest frontier in our journey. Leveraging our intellectual property software, we cater to the stringent demands of the banking, anti-money laundering, and fair gaming sectors, both locally and internationally. Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition as a trusted partner in these critical industries.

However, it is our system integration division that forms the backbone of our operations.

Strategic Partnerships to Unlock Growth

Partnering with industry giants like Melita Business, we’ve unlocked new avenues for growth and collaboration. Our relationship with Melita Business spans across various aspects of connectivity and service provision, highlighting our shared commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions to our clients. We understand the importance of connectivity in today’s digital age. By bundling our expertise in IT security with Melita’s robust connectivity solutions, we offer our clients a seamless, integrated experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

In recent years, our partnership has grown notably, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With businesses relying more on remote connectivity and cloud services, the need for secure, dependable solutions has surged. Collaborating with Melita Business, we’re ready to address these changing demands directly, providing customised solutions that give our clients peace of mind. Our focus on the financial sector underscores our commitment to regulatory compliance and data security. With stringent EU regulations, businesses in this sector demand nothing short of the best in secure connectivity. With Melita Business, we deliver comprehensive solutions that meet and exceed these expectations, positioning us as a trusted ally in the financial services industry.

The Future Lies in Strategic Partnerships

With more businesses using the cloud and relying on strong connections, our teamwork stands out. We’re combining our strengths with those of Melita Business to offer cyber security and connectivity together, which will change how IT services are delivered.

Our partnership with Melita Business shows how we’re working together in new ways to bring innovation. This will help us keep making groundbreaking solutions that help businesses succeed in the digital era.

Stephen Vella

Stephen Vella

CTO Computime

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