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Tuesday, September 20, 2022 by Profs Tanya Sammut Bonnici

The Melita Foundation was set up two years ago, and in this short time, a substantial number of organisations and individuals have been sponsored to carry out projects that positively impact our society. The Foundation was set up by a donation from Apax Partners, Melita’s main shareholder, up to 2019. Melita Limited funds the administrative costs and provides additional financing for the Foundation.

As a foundation with a technological background, it is essential to support projects that enrich Malta’s future, providing innovative digital services and conserving our rich culture and natural environment through technological means.

The number of applications that the Foundation received in these two years is an encouraging indication of highly engaged local communities that are deeply committed to the cause of social development. The projects are inspirational, particularly those that supply rehabilitation, renovation, and support for at-risk young people. On the other side of the spectrum, the Foundation is proud to support projects that create the infrastructure to provide education in leading-edge technologies.

The projects that the Melita Foundation supports align with Melita Limited’s corporate values of being forward-thinking and transparent in their scope and execution. The application and decision processes follow the same values. The application process is designed for ease of use and the terms of agreement of sponsorship provide the sponsored parties with clear operational and funding guidelines.  

Here are some of the projects that The Melita Foundation is supporting:


The Melita Foundation is supporting eSkills Malta Foundation in collaboration with Amazon Web Services to bring to Malta three important courses AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Architecting on AWS, and AWS Business Essentials. The courses are regularly available at subsidised rates. The objective of the project is to increase access to digital education and to reduce the skills gap in the area of ICT. 

Din l-Art Helwa

The Melita Foundation is collaborating with Din l-Art Helwa and supporting the relocation and restoration of the Australian Bungalow. A three-year project to restore a bungalow constructed in the early 20th century served as a model and training centre to help prepare the Maltese for their new lives as Australian immigrants.


The Inspire Foundation works with children and adults with intellectual and behavioural challenges. The Melita Foundation supported Inspire by sponsoring the refurbishment and development of new classrooms that are used to deliver creativity lessons that help children reach their full potential and interactive learning materials for the Gozo facility.

Majjistral Park

The Heritage Parks Federation aims to manage and rehabilitate protected areas on the Maltese Islands, working in the conservation of Malta’s cultural heritage, coastal management, and environment. The Melita Foundation will support the Heritage Parks Federation in restoring natural and historical grounds found in Majjistral Park. 

Opening Doors

By supporting the Opening Doors Association, the Melita Foundation enables the involvement of adults with intellectual disabilities in the artistic and creative sector. In addition, the Foundation supports learners with music and art sessions and performance opportunities for broader visibility and collaboration with other artists.

Performing Artists – Alessia Bonnici

Alessia Bonnici, an emerging artist and young pianist, collaborates with prominent foreign and local artists to promote veritable inclusion in society. A video is being produced to communicate courage, resilience, and the power of communication through the music of artists on the autism spectrum. The Melita Foundation is providing support for costs related to musical equipment.

Research Innovation and Development Trust

The Melita Foundation contributed to the restoration and conservation of an extraordinary historical document – the Great Siege wall by Matteo Perez D’Aleccio. The project is led by the Research, Innovation and Development Trust.


Through this project, The Melita Foundation is helping to plant more than 1,000 trees and support Saggar’s aim of sowing and planting a million trees of the native genotype and rehabilitating ecological reserves in Malta.

St John Rescue Corp

The Melita Foundation is supporting St John Rescue Corps in the renovation and restoration of a currently dilapidated room which forms part of the 1880 Fort Madliena and part of the British-built Victoria lines. The fort serves as the headquarters for the Corps and is the central location for the Corps’ training. The space is being restored to make it safe and more adequate to conduct major activities such as emergency response and health and safety training. 

Youth Employment and skills programme (YESP) by Malta Trust Foundation

The Melita Foundation supports The Malta Trust Foundation through the Youth Employment Support Programme, YESP, which aims at integrating persons with intellectual disabilities, individuals suffering from post-trauma anxiety, and persons with learning difficulties into the working world.

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Profs Tanya Sammut Bonnici

Profs Tanya Sammut Bonnici

Melita Foundation Chair

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