Smart Cloud – A Local Solution to Cloud Services

Monday, November 22, 2021 by Melita Business

Smart Cloud – A Local Solution to Cloud Services

Where Melita Business and Smart Technologies team up and become a strong duo in business.

A flexible and reliable cloud hosting and disaster recovery service is now available locally, thanks to Melita Business and Smart Technologies’ decision to team up and collaborate on their services. Under the brand name of Smart Cloud, this service captures the strength of both companies.

Smart Technologies are experts in cloud infrastructure and managed services while Melita Business is a leader in reliability, security, and connectivity. Smart Cloud reveals that there was never a stronger duo in business.

Smart Cloud’s Services

The hosting services that Smart Cloud offer are tailored to suit your requirements including cloud hosting & VPS, backup solutions as a service and disaster recovery.

All in all, you will have peace of mind that all hardware and configuration can be handled by a professional team if there is a malfunction. That alone is a major advantage.

Why Choose Smart Cloud?

There are a number of benefits why Smart Cloud makes sense for your business. The first being that services are provided and taken care of ‘closer to home’. Local services improve latency, and this also enables you to fulfil data regulations, as well as licensing conditions.

Following a simple philosophy, Smart Cloud also offers flexibility by listening to the needs of customers and adapting to them, always offering a tailored service to you.

It also offers financial and logistical benefits since clients do not need to invest in hardware. Through virtual servers like Linux and Windows, Smart Cloud offers businesses the flexibility of increasing space, computing power, and memory, without purchasing hardware.

Finally, by also most importantly, Smart Cloud is made up of a team of passionate professionals who truly believe and love what they do. The main aim is to make the cloud experience better by integrating core needs of the market with industry trends.

Although Smart Cloud’s roadmap has a beginning, it surely has no end since services are tailored and always adapted to your needs as well as new trends.

For more information on Smart Cloud, visit the website here or get in touch.

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