Melita recipient of the prestigious ICERTIAS Customers’ Friends Award of Excellence

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 by Graziella Costa

Melita recipient of the prestigious ICERTIAS Customers’ Friends Award of Excellence

In the telecommunications industry, customer service is critical. It is impossible to build customer loyalty, attract new customers, and differentiate in a competitive market without exceptional customer care.

ICERTIAS is a global organisation, headquartered in Zurich, that evaluates companies based on predefined criteria to assess their performance in areas such as offering the best value products or excellent customer service.

The ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend Award identifies companies that not only have good value products, or great customer service but also an excellent reputation, high trust, a good user experience, and clear communication. Companies nominated under the Customers’ Friend programme undergo a strict assessment process that includes a number of checks.

Companies that meet or exceed these criteria are awarded the “Customers’ Friend” certification which serves as a recognition of their commitment to customers, potential customers, and business partners.

Melita is proud to have achieved the ‘Customers’ Friend’ certification from ICERTIAS, after scoring an average of 4.8 out of 5 across the assessed areas: Reputation, Communication and Social Practices, User Experience, and Trust.


The first criterion towards certification revolves around a company’s reputation, evaluated in subsections:

  1. Relationship with Customers
  2. Customer Support
  3. Relationship with Employees
  4. Relationship with Business Partners
  5. Innovation
  6. Rating of Management Quality
  7. Financial Stability
  8. Quality of Products and Services in the Market
  9. Competitiveness and Social Responsibility


The second measure towards certification required a thorough evaluation of the company’s communication and social practices.

This refers to the principles and standards that look at how Melita approaches communication and social interactions with its various stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, and the wider community.


The third benchmark towards certification applies to user experience.

This included an analysis and in-depth evaluation of the overall satisfaction, usability, and effectiveness of our services from the perspective of our customers. It focused on service quality, ease of use, customer support, billing, and pricing.


The fourth standard towards this certification is centred around trust.

This involved an accurate measurement of reliability, security, transparency, compliance, and proactive communication as perceived by our customers. 

“Melita is totally committed to providing outstanding services and excellent customer care. By being the very first Maltese telecommunications company to receive this international level of recognition from ICERTIAS, we have set a new standard for the industry in Malta.  We are determined to continue our efforts to keep raising the bar and provide exceptional services.”  Harald Roesch – CEO

Graziella Costa

Graziella Costa

Head of Customer Experience

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