Melita Business Enables the Beverage Container Refund Scheme for a Greener Future

Friday, September 22, 2023 by Kenneth Terribile


As with many new initiatives which seek to disrupt behaviour, the BCRS was initially met with a mix of scepticism and anticipation. Questions arose about its viability and sustainability, yet there was excitement about its potential to reshape how we approach recycling in Malta. Since its launch in November, the BCRS has collected over 130 million beverage containers, including plastic bottles, glass containers, and cans. This achievement is a testament to its scale and the shift in mindset among our community.

Behind the scenes, Melita Business has been a silent force enabling this success. We’ve provided the connectivity backbone that has allowed the BCRS to thrive. In an era where connectivity is the lifeblood of progress, we’ve ensured that the BCRS operates seamlessly by delivering cutting-edge fibre internet and 5G connectivity. This digital infrastructure is the invisible thread that links the 335 reverse vending machines to the central BCRS control system. This seamless connection enables consumers to return containers and receive their 10-cent deposit vouchers promptly.

At the heart of the BCRS lies a stream of real-time data, constantly updating a central database with critical information. This database keeps track of issued vouchers and the barcodes of eligible containers, a dynamic process that relies on a dependable network. That’s where Melita Business, as the sole provider offering 5G mobile and 1,000 Mbps internet coverage across Malta and Gozo, can help. We ensure that the connections between machines and control centre remain robust and reliable, contributing to the smooth running of the scheme. We also provide high reliability connectivity at the organisation’s headquarters, the heart of their operation.

The significance of this partnership extends beyond technology. It’s about collaboration that fosters change within our local community; we merge technological advancement with innovative solutions and a dedication to value. This positions Melita Business as the natural choice for businesses aiming to make a meaningful impact, just like the BCRS.

Progress is often measured in data and metrics, but this collaboration also highlights the human side of the equation. It showcases how technology, harnessed for a shared cause, can drive positive change within our local landscape. As the BCRS continues its journey towards a greener Malta, Melita Business remains firmly committed, recognising that actual progress stems from united efforts.

Beyond the intricacies of network connections and data flows lies a narrative of determination. The BCRS proves that our collective commitment to change can yield tangible outcomes even in the face of doubts. Melita Business has embraced the role of enabler, working behind the scenes to ensure that visionary initiatives like the BCRS achieve their full potential. As Malta continues toward a more environmentally conscious future, this partnership is an inspiration, showcasing how technology can spark change, to all our benefit.

Kenneth Terribile

Kenneth Terribile

Infrastructure Solutions Sales Manager

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