Local-Based Security with Smart Cloud’s Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 by Robert Azzopardi


In this blog, Robert Azzopardi, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Smart Technologies Ltd (STL), delves into a crucial topic for businesses, highlighting the paramount importance of Microsoft 365 (M365) Backup, particularly for those utilising the Microsoft Office Suite. Through its partnership with Melita Business, Smart Technologies Ltd (STL) collaborates to offer comprehensive cloud based backup, server cloud back up, cloud backup and disaster recovery services, including g cloud backup under the Smart Cloud brand name.

Here are five key reasons why M365 Backup is essential for businesses:

Data Protection and Loss Prevention

Despite Microsoft 365’s robust infrastructure, data loss can occur due to accidental deletions, malicious attacks, or software malfunctions. Regular backups ensure that a copy of data is stored independently, allowing for recovery in case of data loss, which is critical for maintaining business continuity.

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Many industries are subject to regulatory requirements mandating data retention for specific periods. Regular M365 backups help organisations comply with these regulations by ensuring access to historical data as needed, aiding in legal disputes or audits.

Security Against Cyber Threats

Ransomware and other cyber threats present substantial risks to digital data, potentially causing irreparable damage. In the event of compromised M365 accounts, having external cloud backup solutions proves invaluable. It serves as a dependable recovery point, enabling organisations to revert their data to a previous state, before the cyber-attack occurred. This means restoring data to its original form, ensuring that any alterations or corruptions inflicted by the attack are effectively reversed, and the system is returned to a secure and functional state.

In the event of compromised M365 accounts, having external cloud backup solutions proves invaluable.

Control and Flexibility in Data Management

Backing up M365 data gives organisations control over and flexibility in managing their information. It allows for migration between different environments, analysis, and reporting without affecting live data. Additionally, backups help manage the information lifecycle in a more structured manner, aligning with the organisation’s data management policies.

Local Backup Retention at Smart Cloud

Undoubtedly, for businesses utilising Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Backup, ensuring backup computer to cloud is essential for protecting valuable data and maintaining uninterrupted operations. These business cloud backup services safeguard data from Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams, making it easily accessible on a locally stored cloud platform with an extended retention policy. Additionally, backups are available for Google Workspace and standard Desktop clients.

Similar to Samsung Cloud Backup and Acronis Cloud Backup, the Smart Cloud service offers rapid data recovery in case of accidental deletion or cyberattacks but storing backup data in Malta at Smart Cloud ensures easy access to data, lower bandwidth utilisation, no issues with legal jurisdiction and no hidden costs.

Robert Azzopardi

Robert Azzopardi

CTO, Smart Technologies Ltd

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