Fast and Reliable Internet Connection for Your Finance Business

Thursday, September 09, 2021 by Melita Business

Fast and Reliable Internet Connection for Your Finance Business

Finances will take up most of your time. Let us handle your connectivity and security!

A fast and reliable internet connection is essential to keep your business running smoothly. It allows for employees in different offices, or working remotely, to communicate seamlessly and effectively. It enables quick retrieval of data so that your employees can work smoothly.

When your internet connectivity is not reliable, all sorts of things start to fail. Many applications that employees use on a daily basis, including finance systems, depend on fast performance. Internet connection problems can cause latency or a delay in the transmission of important corporate date. It will also prevent employees from getting their work done in a timely manner.

That’s where Melita Business comes in for your finance business.

Nationwide Fibre Internet

From your standard business fibre powered internet to dedicated fibre links, we can provide the connectivity that your finance business needs. Be it nationwide internet connectivity for your offices between premises in Malta or cloud applications, our professional team will install a point-to-point fibre internet connection, allowing for fast and reliable access.

If international connectivity is required, our team will set up a point-point, private leased circuit from your finance business’ rack in our data centre direct to the office in Central Europe. This set-up will ensure uninterrupted connectivity and it is backed up by the highest Service Level Agreement.

Cloud Services for Your Business

Melita Business can offer flexible and reliable cloud hosting and disaster recovery services for your finance business. These services are provided on a cloud and offer financial and logistical benefits for our clients since hardware is not required. Your company will benefit from direct access to personal support and the flexibility of increasing space, computing power and memory as required.

Furthermore, we understand that security is key in the financial industry. Our team of professionals can ensure that your company will be able to work online while being safeguarded from cyber-attacks that could potentially disturb the service. Our team will implement DDoS mitigation solutions which will help prevent your company from having to go offline in the event of an attack.

Melita Business provides multiple connectivity solutions that are tailormade for any business needs, including your financial company. Speak to us today to discuss how we can help you with your seamless connectivity to help drive your business further.

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