Cloud Services Indispensable in Age of Digital Transformation

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 by Melita Business

As digitalisation enters every aspect of our lives, the importance of secure and reliable Cloud services becomes ever greater. Smart Cloud offers a locally hosted, value driven range of solutions to enhance performance and efficiency.

Smart devices have become our go-to communication method whether running private errands or business empires. This exponentially increasing demand for instant information has led to the proliferation of digital applications, fueled by the exchange of data. In the online world, data is everywhere. Data is currency.

More than 55.7 billion devices will connect to the internet globally by 2025, according to projections by the International Data Corporation—a provider of IT market intelligence. Furthermore, 75% of these devices are expected to connect to an internet of things (IoT) platform, generating 73.1 zettabytes (ZB) of data. This 2025 projection compares to the 18.3 ZB measured in 2019. [1] Considering that 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside a centralised data centre or Cloud—as per projections by tech research and consulting giant Gartner—managed Cloud services will become increasingly important . [2]

Digital Transformation is Changing Businesses

Hard figures like the above quantify what we experience around us every day: digitilsation is transforming how businesses are run and operated. We have seen how industries such as video, shopping, travel, and publishing have been disintermediated. Currently, verticals seeing this massive transformation include wellness, healthcare, retail banking, transportation, government services, farming and building services as homes become smart. The next industries to be digitally-disrupted are manufacturing, insurance, utilities, legal, education and the construction industry.

What are the most powerful disrupting forces reaching into public and private services globally? Cloud and emerging technologies are redefining IT as a business driver. As all products and services are becoming digitalised (and physical data is being digitised), digital transformation and new disruptive business models are creating opportunity and complexity. In such a reshaped environment hybrid is the new de facto. There is no single solution that caters for everything.

The speed of digital transformation is dazzling. Fuelled by the increased digital demand created by the coronavirus pandemic, 10 years of e-commerce growth was achieved in only 3 months, according to data by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. [3] After the world was forced into working from home for long months, it is expected that 45% workers will remain in a virtual working scenario, according to another IDC paper. [4]

B2B Buyers Want Quick, Reliable Solutions

Business-to-business (B2B) behaviour is also changing in this reshaping world. Some 89% of B2B buyers go online during their purchase process [5], 10 pieces of content are downloaded by B2B buyers on their way to making a purchase [6] and an average 12 search queries are exectued prior to a B2B buyer ending up on a specific brand’s website [7]. Digitalisation is impossible to avoid.

In this virtual world, a central pain point for a customer is the time spent on procuring new IT resources. Traditionally, adopting a linear approach, it would take months to procure resources. However, today, IT resources are delivered in a rapid cycle of business requests, ending in the immediate supply of IT solutions and services. This happens in a global environment, disregarding timezones or physical, geographical borders. The indispensability of reliable, fast and secure Cloud services in this highly competitive, virtual world is unparalleled.

This is where Smart Cloud delivers game-changing benefits to users. Through the combination of the infrastructure and expertise of Melita Business and Smart Technologies Limited, Smart Cloud offers data management solutions including hybrid and custom integration solutions, hosting and connectivity capabilities.

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