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Monday, November 16, 2020 by Melita Business


After months of meeting digitally, last week the Melita Business team met physically for a strategic workshop in order to map out future plans and discuss how Melita Business can become the business provider of choice for telecoms in Malta.  We looked at what we’re doing well and can do more of, and what gaps we need to address.

The Melita Business team’s top priorities have always been top-class customer experience and a customer journey that’s always connected. The workshop provided a great platform to discuss how, as a team, we will ensure the smoothest customer journey especially when businesses switch to Melita Business from another provider. 

We examined the needs of different types of customers – from sole traders to multinationals – brainstorming the potential hurdles which might be encountered when seeking information about, buying, switching to, or using our products and services.   Having the whole team together was invaluable in coming up with new solutions: how the way we’ve solved a problem for one of our smallest customers could be adapted to address the potential pain point of an SME or a large business.

It was a great feeling to finally have the acquisition, account management and retention teams together again, and to see that the comradery between the team members is as alive as ever. The workshop also served as a reminder that we are only as strong as the team that supports us. We are fully aware that talent is the key to winning every game, but we are not after short term gains. On the contrary, we strongly believe that the only real win is that of having great team synergies, seamless knowledge sharing and the motivation to achieve more and to achieve this in the best possible way, not merely the way it’s always been done.

Whilst the past few months were not normal in any way, the Melita Business team took on the new and unexpected challenges and worked together to adjust and adapt. In fact, despite the unforeseen reality, we went ahead with our plans of expanding the team, onboarding new team members who have vast experience in the B2B market.  We also implemented a strategy of specialised teams in order to focus on specific business sectors. This means that we are now able to serve customers’ needs even better by providing solutions that match the needs specific to their industry.

As a team, Melita Business does not only aim to be better but also to be different; to empower customers through our digital platforms and serve as a business partner rather than just a service provider. If a customer grows, we plan to be a part of that growth, and when times are tough, we will find ways to support that customer, as we did between March and June when businesses were forced to temporarily close their doors for business.

B2B has changed, buying habits and traits have changed, even the way we build relationships has changed, so Melita Business will continue to evolve, improve and support accordingly. Thanks to our talented and highly experienced B2B team, we will continue to be there for all our customers, throughout each of their individual customer journeys.

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