More than 20 years of experience


Our History

1992 – Melita launches Melita Cable TV services

2000 – Melita launches Internet Services under the brand Onvol

2005 – Melita Cable introduces digital Cable TV

2006 – Melita Introduces Fixed Telephony services under the brand Hello

2007 – Melita is purchased from UPC and Gasan group by a consortium of Venture Capital companies focused on Telecommunications, Media and Technology sectors

2008 – Melita and all services are rebranded under a unified Melita brand

2009 – Melita launches its Fibre undersea cable providing Malta broadband connectivity to Europe and beyond and upgrades offering to 50 Mbps

2009 – Melita launches advanced 3G mobile communications services

2009 – Melita successfully raises capital through bond issuance to finance continued expansion

2010 – Melita launches HDTV and PVR services

2011 – Melita launches Fibre Power broadband internet with nationwide speeds of up to 100 Megabits per second. In the same year melita launches video OnDemand services for its TV subscribers

2012 – Melita connects its internet customers directly to tier 1 operator LEVEL 3 in Milan

The Melita Group’s successful development is evidenced by presence of at least one of its services in 70 percent of all households in Malta and Gozo. As a quad-play communications provider (offering television, broadband, mobile and fixed telephony services), the company continues to grow and maintain its position as a leader in the growth and development of the telecommunications and media sectors in Malta.

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