Transport and Logistics

Your business is getting people and goods to the right destination, on time and efficiently. Our business is to ensure you’re connected at the office, and whenever you’re out on the road. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in our fixed and wireless networks, support systems, as well as the applications that bring it all together. Whether you run a fleet of school buses, trailers travelling across Europe or you’re at the cutting edge of new mobility transport we’ll ensure seamless and efficient connectivity.

5G Business Mobile

Support your business with Endless 5G data for the fastest speeds and the lowest latency in the palm of your hand. Endless calls, data and SMS at low monthly prices with extra discounts when more than 5 mobile plans are needed.

Internet of Things

We offer IoT plans designed to connect any number of vehicles or devices, enabling you to take SMART decisions to improve your customer services and making your business more efficient. Our plans are transparent and include a management portal that is easy-to-use, giving you all the benefits of IoT without the cost and complexity of larger proprietary systems.

Multiline & Cloud PBX

Ideal for businesses that use a PABX and require a customised solution for their telephony requirements. By transmitting over Melita’s robust fixed network, businesses benefit from best quality calls at highly competitive rates. We are already integrated with leading SIP PBX brands and also offer Cloud PBX solutions.

Fast and reliable internet

From standard business internet to dedicated fibre links we can provide the connectivity required by your business, be it internet connectivity, cloud applications or connectivity between your premises in Malta or across the globe.

Keep your customers happily connected

Today WiFi is considered essential; for cafés, bars and restaurants the cyber-environment has become as important as the physical environment. Whether you want to attract online workers, or keep your regulars, employees and visitors happy and online, Melita Business WiFi will work for your business. Your WiFi signal will be strong, your connection secure and yet easy to access through a variety of log in options. The system is flexible and scalable, with the ability to create a customised landing page to collect your customers’ details along with their consent to be contacted.

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