Multiline telephony

The Melita Business multiline telephony solution is ideal for businesses that use a PABX and require a customised fixed solution for their day-to-day telephony requirements. Improve productivity by enhancing communication between employees, customers and other business stakeholders.

Optimum technology and no congestion

The SIP trunk service is a multi-line telephony solution for businesses offered over an ethernet handover. Customers subscribed to this service can also opt for a Direct Dial In (DDI) numbering range and multiple single line numbers (MSN). We are already integrated with leading on-premise SIP PBX brands by Asterix, 3CX, CISCO and more.

If you want to remove the hassle of managing a PBX or you want to avoid the cost of moving from your old PBX to a new one, we also offer a robust Cloud PBX service. The cloud PBX is hosted at Melita's data centre giving you all the benefits of an on-premise PBX, whilst eliminating the management of the PBX and benefiting from the uptime and security offered by Melita's data centre.

SIP Trunk

  • Suitable for businesses who have their own or would like to procure a new on-premise PBX
  • Starting from 5 simultaneous voice calls
  • Unlimited calls to all Melita numbers
  • Bundles for calls to all local numbers
from€55.08 €65.00 (VAT included) per month

Cloud PBX

  • Built for businesses who would like to avail from the advantages of a robust off-site virtual PBX
  • Starting from 2 simultaneous calls out
  • Unlimited channels for calls in
  • Free calls to all local numbers
from€99.00 €116.82 (VAT included) per month

Fibre connectivity and multiline over fibre

When opting for Melita's dedicated fibre internet service we can also deliver SIP services directly over fibre increasing your uptime and repair time SLA. From small retail shops to franchise giants in gaming and finance, our multiline telephony leverages the most powerful fibre network in Europe, with dedicated business support to ensure reliable communication.

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