Navigating the Risks of CLI Spoofing and Vishing in Business Communications

  • Call Blocking Notification

Starting 1 November 2024, we will begin blocking certain international calls that display a Maltese number as the Caller ID to prevent potential scam calls. This action complies with new regulations from the Malta Communications Authority (MCA)

  • Potential Impact on You

Calls from mobile numbers (i.e., Maltese numbers starting with ‘7’ or ‘9’) will remain unaffected. However, there could be implications for scenarios involving ‘call forwarding’ or calls made by users of foreign telephony providers not authorised to operate in Malta. Specifically, calls from Maltese numbers beginning with ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘8’ will be blocked under the following conditions:

· Calls to a foreign number that is forwarded to a Maltese number.

· Calls to an outbound roamer (a subscriber with a number starting with ‘7’ or ‘9’ who is roaming outside Malta) that is late forwarded to a Maltese number.

· Calls initiated through ‘overseas solutions’ (e.g., internet- or cloud-based telephony services) provided by telephony operators not authorised by the MCA.

  • Steps You Can Take

If you rely on call forwarding and anticipate an impact, consider alternative communication methods. Ensure your internet or cloud-based service provider is authorised by the MCA

  • How to Verify Your Service

If you use online or cloud-based phone services with a Maltese number starting with ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘8’, check your provider’s authorisation status:

· Dial (+356) 2400 2400 from your online or cloud-based phone service.

· If your provider is authorised, you will hear a confirmation message.

· If not, contact your online or cloud-based phone service provider.

For further details, read the MCA update here.

For any questions or additional assistance, contact us via chat 24/7.