Managing Data Barring While Roaming

Using your mobile while roaming, there is a possibility that you’ll incur additional charges for your usage. To assist you in managing these expenses, we have implemented an automatic stoppage of your data usage once it reaches €50 in charges.

If you want to reactivate your data service, all you need to do is send an SMS to 16868. Please keep in mind that by sending this SMS, you are assuming responsibility for any charges associated with your usage.

In the event that reactivation of the service by sending the SMS does not work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team for assistance.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that if your cumulative usage reaches €100, the barring will be reactivated, resulting in the suspension of your mobile data services. However, you can reactivate it by sending an SMS to 16868. From that point on, data will not be automatically stopped, and you’ll be responsible for its usage.

For detailed information on roaming rates and the countries where these charges are applicable, please visit the following link: or get in touch with our Support Team for assistance via chat on or email