Rebecca Bonnici, BELS Malta: Successfully using virtual reality in our school

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 by Rebecca Bonnici


In the dynamic world of language education, BELS is not just teaching English; it’s expanding into new markets and evolving with the times. The driving force behind this evolution is the desire to connect with students worldwide and explore diverse cultures.

Maximizing Potential in Corporate Training

BELS was born in the heart of Gozo in 1997, with the vision of filling a void in English language education on the island. Though faced with the challenge of limited connectivity in Kercem, Melita Business stepped in, providing bespoke business internet services. This marked the beginning of a lasting partnership that has weathered challenges and celebrated milestones together.

Integration of Technology: Virtual Reality (VR)

Technology has played an important role as BELS has grown, whether it was ensuring students and teachers remained connected online during pandemic closures or more recently, with the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) into learning.

The adoption of VR signified a bold step forward. This innovative approach enhances language immersion for students of all ages, providing a unique and engaging dimension to language education. BELS swiftly grasped the VR opportunity, investing in an online learning platform which would be adaptable for all ages and all levels of language learning.

A great VR experience needs a fast, reliable internet connection. Overcoming the initial challenges of the increased data upload and download demands, Melita Business enhanced service delivery and helped ensure a seamless transition to the successful integration of VR into daily teaching, putting BELS at the forefront of effective learning and quality education.

Looking ahead, BELS has exciting objectives, whether growing their corporate training offering or expanding internationally. Throughout, the focus remains firmly on bridging the gap between academic expertise and practical language proficiency.

 Melita Business continues to play a key supporting role in BELS’ journey. Rebecca  CEO and Owner, explains, “Melita Business has been more than a service provider; they’ve been our partners in progress. From enabling our online presence to ensuring robust connectivity for VR-based learning, Melita Business has been instrumental in enhancing our service delivery. Their commitment to simplifying technology aligns seamlessly with our vision of making language education accessible and effective ensuring BELS’ growth and adaptability in an ever-changing educational landscape.”

Rebecca Bonnici

Rebecca Bonnici

CEO & Owner BELS Language

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