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Do you work in real estate, recruitment, trade licensing or in a service industry where clients ask for your help and advice to set up their communication and entertainment needs? If so, we’d like to consider you as an affiliate partner. Your clients will benefit from best-in-class products and custom solutions; you’ll get a dedicated contact number and earn an attractive commission on every successful lead.

Good for your clients

We know you want the best for your clients, so along with reliable internet, TV and telephony, we also provide world-class service levels for your customers.

Dedicated Service

Your customers will benefit from a highly skilled team of commercial and technical staff with any queries being directed to the best team for quick resolution.

Get connected Fast

We get your customers connected quickly - usually within two working days, and often quicker - plus they can choose a two hour slot for installation which works for them.

Peace of Mind

Happy customers mean repeat business, with our world-class customer satisfaction scores you can rest assured your recommendation to our business will also be good for your business.

Becoming an affiliate is easy!

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Simple to do, simple to see.

Becoming a Melita affiliate partner is simple and transparent. You will be able to refer your clients to us with just a click. The progress and status of all leads are easily visible through your Melita affiliate dashboard

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