The Melita Business Hospitality Communication Suite

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 by Robert Runza

The Melita Business Hospitality Communication Suite

Connectivity and entertainment solutions for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is going digital. Getting the right digital infrastructure is crucial to allow efficient day-to-day operations and an all-round positive guest experience.

The Hospitality Communication Suite from Melita Business is an end-to-end solution that satisfies your guests’ connectivity and entertainment needs whilst ensuring that your staff operate effectively.

Our provision of services for TV, Broadband Internet, Mobile, Fixed Line, Fibre and Hosted Services can be supported with the right hardware elements to ensure an efficient and reliable communication and entertainment system. This includes the provision of a Network Design, LAN/WAN infrastructure, hospitality TVs and middleware software, and PBX (private branch exchange).

WiFi and entertainment solution for your customers

Our robust WiFi solutions with high-speed broadband plans can manage multi-user streaming and connectivity, while our TV package –  complete with Smart TV systems and interactive menus –  will satisfy different guests’ preferences. These solutions are designed for guest comfort, including features such as personalised in-room experiences, which will enhance your guests’ experience from check-in to check-out.

Robust hotel phone systems

Hotel phone systems are crucial for the smooth running of accommodation venues. Our systems allow the handling of external enquiries and outbound calls, as well as providing options for effective internal communication between staff and guests across your establishment. Our on-premises or cloud systems can be tailored to suit the requirements of your business, whether it’s a small local

restaurant or a vast luxury hotel. Our offerings also include SIP trunking that delivers ROI quickly through significant savings on monthly Phone bills.

Network architecture personalised for your needs

Within the hospitality industry, the right technology to communicate and work efficiently is indispensable. Choosing the right hotel network can seem overwhelming:  the best solution needs to enable guest wifi and digital hotel services and support the business whilst allowing for back-office tools integration and  staff collaboration.

For the Melita Business team, the first step in helping hospitality clients make the right choice is to gain a deep understanding of the unique needs of the business.  Once this is achieved, our team can design a suitable LAN and WLAN architecture that meets the requirements of any type of hotel or resort, leading to a solution that addresses the functional needs whilst working within budget constraints.

Robert Runza

Robert Runza

Director of Business Development

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