Hotels and Multi-Room

If you’re in the hospitality business you’re aware that guests expect in-room connectivity and a TV experience that is even better than at home. Whether you’re running a hotel, a small hospital, a guest house or a residence we can help you provide your guests with the best and most cost-effective multi-room TV, WiFi and multiline telephony solution.

"A simple effective system with a stable connection"

Hubert Debono

General Manager

The Embassy Valletta Hotel

Centrally Controlled TV

Melita Business offers a best-in-class, low investment, convenient TV management solution that enables property managers to centrally control and display customised content on multiple TVs in different rooms. We can also provide you and install top brand TV sets in each room.

Seamless WiFi & Telephony

Fast, seamless in-room WiFi and telephony is essential for guests. Our solution guarantees that your WiFi signal is strong in every room, and that your network is secure and is easily accessible through individual guest passwords.

High Tech Infrastructure

Our single-location solution eliminates the need for room-by-room visits and with our customisable Graphical User Interface (GUI) your guests’ screen experience can be tailored with relevant information and your choice of marketing messages.

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