Expanding Horizons: Doubling the Size of our Roam Like at Home Zone.

Thursday, August 31, 2023 by Amanda Sacco


In an era of global connectivity, businesses rely heavily on seamless communication and data access while traveling. Recognising the evolving needs of business professionals, Melita has embarked on a transformative journey, redefining the roaming experience with groundbreaking initiatives.

Melita is the first telecoms operator in Malta to offer “Roam Like at Home” rates to the United States on our business and residential mobile plans. This bold move showcases our commitment to providing our customers, residential and business alike, with the best value possible, providing USA roaming at no extra cost. Something previously only available within Europe and the United Kingdom. From now until March 31, 2024, Melita customers can enjoy the same rates as if they were in Malta while roaming in the USA.

Further to Roam Like at Home rates in the USA, Melita signed a declaration with other EU and Moldovan operators, to lower roaming rates for customers traveling to and from Moldova and connecting its customers across borders and fostering global collaboration until March 2024.

Our team is continuously working towards achieving global coverage and incorporating as many countries as possible. The increasing demand for enhanced mobile data – even in exotic locations – at the right price serves as a strong motivation for our efforts to provide exceptional connectivity experiences to all our customers. Check out our roaming rates today.

By extending our Roam Like at Home zone to destinations outside of Europe and forging partnerships on a global scale, Melita is empowering businesses to stay connected, share, stream, and capture every moment – without breaking the bank.

Amanda Sacco

Amanda Sacco

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