Billing & General


As a business customer do I get priority if I need a Melita Technician to visit me at my premises?

In most cases, our technical team in our contact centre will be able to resolve your problem there and then but there may be instances where our equipment, like all equipment may fail and will require our technician to come over and replace it. A service call will normally be done within 24 hours of the customer reporting the fault.

If you are registered as a business client and using business tariff products you will get also get priority in scheduling of service call appointments. If you are a business customer but currently making use of standard home tariffs you may wish to upgrade to business grade products to benefit from this additional support.

What does a prorate mean?

A prorate means a charge by the amount of days a particular service was kept for.

Example: Melita XL TV with Melita movies&more and Melita sports was kept from the 1st January till 16th January, and on the 16th January till 31st January the service was downgraded to Melita XL TV.

In this example, your bill will show two prorates: From 01/01 till 16/01 on Melita XL TV with Melita movies&more and Melita sports, amounting to approximately Lm12.38 (€28.84) and

From 16/01 till 31/01 on Melita XL TV, amounting to approximately Lm7.22 (€16.82)

I have paid the last bill at Maltapost, but the bill I have just received is still showing a ‘prior balance’?

Most probably the bill you have just received was sent out before we received your payment from Maltapost. Please ignore your recent bill, and you may contact Customer Service for an updated bill.

Can I settle my Melita bills online?

Yes, you can take advantage of our online selfcare portal – My Melita – giving you a fast and efficient method of payment! Settlement of invoices may be effected using any of the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, Quickcash, Cashlink and/or Premier Card by registering to My Melita on our website. Alternatively, you may pay your bill online through HSBC or BOV Internet Banking.

Can I switch to Direct Debit?

If you have a bank account with HSBC, BOV, APS, Lombard or Volksbank then this is an easy and efficient way to settle your bills! Every month, your bank will effect payments directly from your account. Simply call our Customer Service on 27 270 270 and we will send you a form to be filled in and returned to our offices.

What are the advantages of Melita’s direct debit service?

Below are the main advantages you will benefit from when switching to direct debit.

  • Safe and reliable payment method, that puts you in control.
  • It saves you the time of having to pay your bill every month. No more queuing at a cash counter or posting a cheque every single month.
  • You are less likely to have your service disconnected, or incur late payment charges or re-connection fees.
  • There are no extra charges to process your payment – the service is absolutely FREE.
  • Monthly bills will still be sent to you before your bank account is debited.
  • Your account will be debited the 1st work day of the following month.
  • Direct Debit helps to make your life easier.

Can I also settle my bills by cheque, or credit card?

One of the most common and easiest methods of payment is by cheque. You can settle your invoice from the comfort of your home, thus avoiding all inconveniences. Cheques are to be made payable to Melita PLC and are to be returned to our offices by mail together with the attached remittance advice.

Where can I go to settle my bill?

You can pay your Melita bill at any of our retail outlets and authorised resellers.

Alternatively you may also pay your Melita bill at any Maltapost post office in Malta and Gozo, but an administration and processing charges may apply.