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Quick answers to some common queries

Choose from the list below and you will find a series of questions and answers that answer typical queries that our customers have about our products, services and how to manage their account.

Billing and General

Quick answers to help you understand your bill, typical queries about the first bill, changes to bill when adding or changing packages, telephony and mobile usage queries and more.MORE INFO

Cable Internet

How to make the best out of your internet service, testing and getting maximum download speed, typical fault issues and other general queries about using our cable internet services.MORE INFO

Fixed Telephony

Learn more about how our fixed telephony works, call prices, and how to solve typical faults along with other regular queries affecting business customers.MORE INFO

Web Services

Whether it’s FTP, web-space or domains you can find useful tips here to address your queries. MORE INFO


Quick tips on how to set up your email account, webmail, creating additional accounts, send/receive errors, attachments, and general troubleshooting. MORE INFO


Whether it’s settings, SIM card queries, phone errors, call pricing we provide a comprehensive list of easy FAQs that are likely to answer your query.MORE INFO


From ‘bad or no signal’ queries, to handling on-demand services, software upgrades, missing channels, using your remote or other typical queries you are surely you find an answer to most of your questions about our cable television services here.MORE INFO

Question not solved?

If our frequently-asked-questions still do not address your query or would like a more detailed explanation, feel free to contact us through our web form and our team will contact you as soon as possible. CONTACT US

Joining or Upgrading

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