What Is the Best Solution for Business Data Backup?

Friday, May 20, 2022 by Kenneth Terribile


Today more than ever backup of data is crucial and one of the most important steps in your business life. Each year data is more vulnerable to hacks, being stolen, or damaged in some way. If we look at different major research that were conducted in past two to three years we can see alarming discoveries.

68.5% of businesses were affected by ransomware in 2021.  The public sector experienced a 47% increase in the number of weekly attacks. Other sectors such as communications and education averaging 1,605 cyberattacks per week.

Among companies that suffer attacks or breaches, nearly a quarter of them lose significant business opportunities following the data-loss event.

There is also the possibility of physical damage that can occur. These can be floods, fire, hardware failure or power outages. These are just a few reasons why your business should have a solid and reliable backup strategy with good understanding where the data is stored and how the company’s data is being protected.

Types of Data Backup Solutions Available to Businesses

There are a lot of options available when it comes to data backup solutions.

Each business should take the one which suits its needs the most.


Onsite backup, sometimes called local or traditional backup, is a system where data is backed up and stored locally – typically on business premises. Unlike cloud servers, onsite hardware has limited storage space. Consequently to cater for future growth additional resources and hardware would need to be purchased.


Offsite backup solutions are a method of backing up computer data, usually, this refers to storing your important data on a remote server that is geographically separate from the local system. There are different options for offsite backup solutions such as Cloud Backup Solutions, and Virtual Private or Dedicated Servers hosted in a data centre facility.   

Cloud Backup Solutions

Storing data in the cloud is one of the easiest and most convenient options. Cloud computing represents storing your business data on shared infrastructure in the cloud, having the flexibility of accessing the data from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Virtual Private Server 

Virtual Private Server platforms offer the immediate availability to compute and store resources without the need to invest in dedicated hardware. This allows your business to maximize the potential of Cloud systems whilst our cost guarantee ensures budget predictability.

Dedicated servers

Leased dedicated servers offer a fully-segregated physical infrastructure for your data. By leasing dedicated servers one does not need to manage the hardware layer of the server, since we will maintain and support this.

The Need For a Backup Plan

A backup plan is truly an important part of any business because – you shouldn’t focus on backup just a few times a year. Continuous data protection is something that should be thoroughly studied and applied in any business.  The backup plan should be, in fact, a backup strategy that will be followed daily and adjusted according to the changes and needs of your business. 

If there is no proper backup available, the cost of downtime for every business can be huge. Reducing the cost of downtime is the first major reason to try and incorporate a backup plan. A good backup plan is going to ensure business continuity.  In case of any emergency, an organization’s disaster recovery plan is crucial.

Choosing the Best Data Backup Solution For Your Business Needs

The size of your business – small, medium, and enterprise businesses – could be the first criteria when choosing the best data backup solution for your business needs.

For small and medium businesses there are various options available. Melita offers data backup solutions powered through Veeam Cloud Connect, ranging from basic entry packages, up to larger advanced packages. The advantage of hosting your backups with Melita is that all the data is fully encrypted and locally hosted. Moreover this process ensures the best possible latencies, and in full compliance with EU and local data regulations.

For larger enterprises co-location hosting services might be the best option when considering the amount of compute needed compared with the pricing for on-demand resources. Melita Business offers a selection of co-location services, from a 5U shared cabinet to a 42U private rack. Each rack is serviced with two diverse internet links and power sources. Customers may opt to ship their own equipment or procure hardware of their choice directly from Melita Business.

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