Smart, private, local: configure your Cloud to suit your business.

Wednesday, June 08, 2022 by Melita Business

The IT industry is rapidly embracing Cloud services to provide a secure and resilient environment for hosting critical applications and services.

For businesses operating in Malta – particularly those in industries which require local hosting solutions to fulfil legal and regulatory requirements – there is a Cloud hosting option which is fully scalable and brings all the benefits of world-class hardware.

Smart Cloud is a locally hosted Cloud platform with a robust reputation for efficiency and reliability based on numerous successful deployments. This success is attributable to its excellent technology infrastructure, combined with a team which boasts many years of experience and deep expertise.   The technology infrastructure comprises state-of-the-art software and a top-end HPE-based hardware component.

The Smart Cloud platform is based on HPE infrastructure, which can easily scale up to provision hardware resources on-demand for all Smart Cloud clients.  When Smart Cloud was being built, the choice of hardware was easy, HPE Synergy, which is a composable, software-defined infrastructure for hybrid Cloud environments.  The advantage of HPE Synergy is that it fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage and fabric resources can be composed into any configuration for any workload under a unified API, all available as a service through Smart Cloud.

Another factor critical to the success of Smart Cloud is its data centre facility. Highly secure and built to Tier III specifications, the Melita Data Centre in Madliena is the only purpose-built data centre facility in Malta. At the Melita Data Centre, Smart Cloud offers managed services on specific applications.  This means that a client can opt for any cloud service to be managed by the company’s in-house experts on behalf of the client – freeing up the client’s valuable IT resources.

If you are looking to build your own private Cloud and benefit from the advantages of a local Cloud platform: location, data security, internet bandwidth, HPE hardware and managed services, Smart Cloud could be the optimum solution for your business.  The Smart Cloud service offerings are designed to provide your business with a more efficient, more powerful and ultimately scalable environment.

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