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Friday, November 26, 2021 by Kenneth Spiteri

Having a Forensic Node is a legal and essential element of the certification process of ITAs (Innovative Technology Arrangement) in Malta. Those seeking ITA certification include Blockchain organisations such as Gaming and Cryptocurrency enterprises.

Forensic Nodes store all relevant information including all transactions and other behaviours, allowing real-time monitoring, in-depth scrutiny, auditing, and assessment, should the need arise. They facilitate deep system inspections both from security and functional perspectives, serving as the main point of reference for System Auditors.

Smart Cloud offers Forensic Node Services that facilitate ITA certification by meeting all regulations and guidelines that are required by The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA). They also exceed all security and technological requirements for clients’ peace of mind.

Whilst Forensic Nodes may vary from one ITA to another, depending on the ITA’s functionality, according to Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) guidelines, Forensic Nodes should always provide enough information to assess the operating effectiveness of the controls, and respond to requests for information for legal compliance and operational behaviour purposes.

Forensic Nodes are also to provide sufficient information that enables Technical Administrators to intervene in case of suspicious behaviour that could lead to material loss or material breach of the law, as specified in Article 8 of the ITAS ACT.

Smart Cloud provides the best environment to host Forensic Nodes, for both physical and virtual machines. Based in Malta, our forensic nodes are hosted in a purpose-built tier III or above Data Centre as is required by the MDIA. The super-secure Data Centre, is fully redundant, includes perimeter fencing, an early aspiration system, NOVEC 1230 fire suppression, fully logged access control, CCTV monitoring, and round-the-clock security.

This infrastructure also provides high resiliency and availability to ensure the highest uptime guarantees as per MDIA requirements. A team of highly technical experts is always available to ensure the successful configuration of the replica databases and security measures. This also means that access to Systems Auditors (SA) or Technical Administrators (TA) can be granted at any time for audit and inspection purposes.

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Kenneth Spiteri

Kenneth Spiteri

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