Six signs your business needs a static IP address from Melita

Thursday, May 07, 2020 by Melita Business

Six signs your business needs a static IP address from Melita

What is a static IP? Do you need one for your business?

If your employees are regularly working online on a laptop or tablet, they’ll need the fastest internet possible. With Melita Business, you have the option of having a static IP address. It can make a world of difference to your internet speed and the most reliable connection possible. But what is a static IP and do you need one? We explain why a static IP address can make a big difference to your business.

What is an IP address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol.  Most of us have a dynamic IP address, meaning it changes every time you turn on your computer. However, a static IP is different: it doesn’t change. That number is fixed to your connection and your device.

You can configure the following devices to have a static IP address:






How can your business benefit from a static IP?

Static IP addresses are a feature offered by Melita Business to companies with specific technical requirements. Here are six to get you started:

1. Host your business website

Hosting the website for your business on your own server requires a static IP.  If you want to control of the configuration of your web server and save money, hosting your own website is the way to go. A static IP address gives you the ability to have your own domain name, reliably operate services such as File Transfer Protocol which allows efficient and fast file transfer. Without a Melita static IP none of this is possible.

2.  Email server

Email is critical to the productivity of your business. Companies that manage their own email servers also require a static IP address.

IT allows you to set up an email server and gives you better control over your email addresses, which is a must for any professional business.

3. Faster download and upload speeds

Taking payments with internet-enabled point of sale software, sending invoices, and other business applications need a stable connection.  With a static IP address you are much less likely to be affected by downtime, which could be costly for your business.

4. Better communication

VOIP or voice over internet services are vital for businesses which work remotely. Since the Covid-19 crisis many Melita Business customers in Malta now rely on VOIP to communicate with colleagues and customers. Using a static IP address makes Skype and other services much more reliable and the call quality is also clearer. More efficient communication leads to better productivity, which is good news for your profits.

5. Improve security at your business

Securing your office, warehouse or factory is one of the most important things you can do. Security-conscious business owners with CCTV can monitor their premises remotely but will need a static IP address in order to stream the video footage. To get the most out of your surveillance cameras, a static IP address is essential to keep your business super secure.

6. Easy remote access

If you or your colleagues work from home and need access to your server and network, having a static IP address is the only way to go. It means you can use access all your systems from home with no hassle. With a dynamic IP address, when an employee tries to connect to your server the incoming request will fail every time the IP address changes. With a static IP address, the request will always be forwarded correctly and the connection to your server will be flawless.

A reliable static IP address from Melita Business is one of the best decisions you will make to boost your business.

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