Malcolm Azzopardi, Urban Hotels: Guests require cutting-edge technology and instant connectivity.

Monday, April 08, 2024 by Malcolm Azzopardi

Since our inaugural hotel, the George Urban Boutique Hotel, opened its doors in 2010, Urban Hotels has been on an exciting trajectory in Malta’s leisure and hospitality industry. The industry’s tremendous growth over the years has propelled us to operate three distinctive hotels, with our latest addition being the stylish Land’s End Boutique Hotel.

A People-Centric Approach

Our daily motivation comes from the dynamic nature of our business. Every day, we welcome a diverse array of guests, each with unique requirements and preferences. Urban Hotels thrives on the challenges presented by both business and leisure clients, making every day at work not just rewarding but genuinely motivating.

Despite the challenges faced by the global tourism industry, including weather fluctuations and unforeseen events like the recent pandemic, our industry remains resilient. The innate human desire to explore, whether for leisure or business, keeps the tourism sector alive and thriving. Even amidst the hurdles of COVID restrictions, we’ve rebounded swiftly, and the forecast for 2024 indicates an unprecedented surge in travel.

Gazing into the Future

Looking ahead, Urban Hotels remains committed to development, aligning our products with the evolving needs of our guests. We recognize the changing trends in our industry, such as a shift away from formality. This understanding has led us to create products that resonate with people’s requirements, like our lifestyle-focused Number 11 hotel, emphasizing social hubs and culinary experiences.

The Role of Technology

In our tech-driven world, technology is pivotal to our operations at Urban Hotels. It serves a dual purpose — streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing our online presence. We understand that modern guests expect cutting-edge technology within our premises. This is where our partnership with Melita Business becomes crucial.

Melita Business has been with us since the inception of our journey, supporting us in reaching customers through online distribution and meeting the growing technology expectations of our guests. The collaboration ensures seamless connectivity, providing instant Wi-Fi access, television casting, and more.

At Urban Hotels, we view technology not just as a tool but as an enabler for a seamless guest experience. Our collaboration with Melita Business aligns with this philosophy, offering reliable technology solutions that enhance customer satisfaction. As technology continues to evolve, we look forward to Melita Business’s ongoing support in meeting and exceeding customer requirements, ensuring that every stay with us is not just memorable but truly connected.

Malcolm Azzopardi

Malcolm Azzopardi

General Manager - Urban Hotels Malta

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