Experts who know your business

Thursday, October 21, 2021 by Simon Baldacchino Barthet

Experts who know your business

The Melita Business Unit was set up with one goal in mind – to focus fully and exclusively on businesses and their needs. Whilst aiming at becoming the provider of choice within the business community, within this specialized unit, we position ourselves as service partners and not just service providers.

The Melita Business Unit’s philosophy is grounded on three pillars: Expertise, Excellence and Experience

Our people are experts.

Be it the acquisition team, the solutions specialists, or the key account managers – everyone within the team specialises in a specific business market segment. This means that an executive whose expertise lies in servicing the gaming sector for instance, will not be assigned to work with a partner from the hospitality sector. This tried and tested strategy is very popular with our business clients, who much prefer dealing with someone who is not only knowledgeable about Melita’s products and services, but who also understands the ins and outs of their business sector. Thanks to this business segment expertise, all our Melita Business team are in the best position to recommend the right products and services, adding immediate value and enabling our business clients to make the best use of their resources.

Our products are excellent. 

We pride ourselves in being the only local communications service partner to offer end-to-end connectivity solutions for all types of businesses. SME’s will benefit from standard fixed services such as nationwide 1,000 Mbps broadband and 5G Business Mobile plans on our Ericsson 5G network – capable of speeds up to 1,000Mbps. Depending on their business structure and connectivity needs, other clients will be interested in our Cloud PBX and multiline telephony, dedicated fibre direct to their premises, or Data Centre and Cloud services including cyber security services such as DDOS mitigation solutions.

Our motivation is to provide the best experience.  

What drives us and motivates us daily is offering the best experience to all our service partners. Whether they are small or just starting up, whether they’re on their way to more growth or whether they are consolidating their business, our goal is to always be alongside them, offering a great experience all the way.

We find that these three pillars working in balance together, result in the best value offering in the market. Every businessperson understands that there’s a price for everything, and every business has a CFO putting pressure on costs, the ultimate driver is value, incorporating all aspects of the service offering.

In today’s fast-moving and fast-changing world, when everyone and everything is constantly online, it is critical for every business, regardless of size, to stay connected. Be it the small corner shop that needs to process card payments or the large corporate with employees working around the world; in this respect time – and specifically network uptime – really is money.  That’s why we at Melita focus on service reliability, business-specific customer care and strict SLAs. As a nation, Malta is at the forefront of many technological and digital developments and at Melita we’re very honoured to have been part of this exciting national journey, facilitating and expediating every new and innovative phase. We look forward to helping more local and international businesses grow to their fullest potential, supporting them through their commercial evolution, as partners and as business associates.

Simon Baldacchino Barthet

Simon Baldacchino Barthet

Senior Sales Manager

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