Some channels on the channel line up are missing

Step 1: Simultaneously press the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons that are on the Melita Digital Box . Keep pressing until the picture goes black and wait for the words “Software Update Please Wait”to appear on screen.

Step 2: Wait for the message “Scan is done. Press OK” to appear on screen and Press OK from your Digital Remote control. Press the Exit button three times.

Step 3: If the problem persists kindly click here.

I have Bad or No Signal on my Television

Step 1: Kindly check if the thick white cable is inserted well in the “Cable Input socket” at the back of your Digital Box.

Step 2: If you are subscribed to Melita Telephony and/or Internet, please check that these services are working. If these services are also not functioning there may be maintenance work taking place in your area.

Step 3: If the problem persists kindly click here.

I have Note 1 on my Television

Step 1: Make sure that the channel you are trying to access is part of your package line up. For Melita’s package line ups please click here

Step 2: Switch off the power supply of your digital box, wait for 5 minutes and switch it on again. If the problem persists kindly click here.

I have Note 2 on my Television

Step 1: Make sure that your smartcard is inserted well in your Digital Box before moving it and re-inserting it properly.

Step 2: if the problem persists kindly click here.

What is the recommended method to connect my TV to digital?

Via a SCART lead when this option is available, as typically this method allows you to automatically benefit from the full functionality of your TV set.

Will the digital set top box connect to my VCR/DVD and sound systems?

Yes there are dedicated options prepared on set top box to connect to your VCR/DVD- SCART/RF/PHONO and hi-fi/surround sound systems (Phono/ SPDIF(coaxial)/SPDIF(optical).

What is an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)?

The EPG- electronic program guide- consists of a listing of channel information (Ex. current content detail, time of next program, Title and/or genre of next programme…)when this information is readily available. This information can be accessed through the EPG button on the remote control and following the instructions on the onscreen display. On changing channel some EPG information is available on the blue pop up screen and more details become visible on pressing the “i” button.

Can I install digital TV alongside the current analogue service?

Yes, although analogue transmissions are being gradually replaced all over the world by digital transmissions. Melita has invested in providing a state of the art platform for all its clients to avail themselves of the choice of digital transmission, which allows for additional channels with improved audio and video characteristics. Melita subscribers can retain an analogue service as an additional outlet to the digital service.