Email Services


Can I get a standalone Email Service?

Melita’s email services are packaged with an internet regular or corporate connection and cannot be purchased separately.

How can I access my Mailbox?

You can access your mailbox either by webmail ( or by setting up your email client

How do I setup my email client?

Hyper Link to Customer care procedures already setup

Do I need to change my email settings when travelling abroad?

If you are using the Melita outgoing mail server, this will need to be changed to the SMTP server of the service provider you are using abroad.

How do I change my mailbox password?

You can change your password through MyMelita by clicking here. If you have forgotten your password, You may click on the Forgot my password link located under the My Melita log in where you will be asked to enter the email address you used to register as well as the question and answer to the secret question you chose upon registration. If you do not remember these either, the account holder is kindly requested to visit a Melita Branch and present his/her ID card for security purposes. The mailbox password will then be reset for you accordingly.

Can I get additional mailboxes?

According to the type of Internet service you have, the customer may be eligible to have between 5 and 20 mailboxes. If you need to configure new mailboxes kindly send us your request through the contact form available on this website.

Can I upgrade the mailbox quota?

This may be possible by upgrading the internet package you currently use. Kindly contact us through the form available on this website or send us your contact details and one of our representative will be get in touch with you.

My correspondents tell me that they can’t send me any e-mail because my mailbox is full.

If your correspondents tell you that they can’t send you any e-mail because your mailbox is full, you should log-in to your webmail account, check your quota and if you have reached the limit, delete some of the emails to make space.

I get “POP Lock” when I check my e-mail.

It is possible to get the following message when checking your e-mail using Webmail:

-ERR [IN-USE] .afarp.pop lock busy! Is another session active?

This error occurs when two different programs attempt to open your electronic mailbox. For example, you might have Outlook Express checking your e-mail every 5 minutes at home, while you try to open your e-mail (using Webmail) from work at the same time.

Another possible reason is that your Outlook Express crashed while trying to retrieve e-mail. In this case, your mailbox might have stayed open until it’s automatically closed a few minutes later.

A typical solution to this problem is to restart the programme and/or the PC.

I get an error when I click “Send and Receive”

If you have problems retrieving the contents of your mailbox, please first check whether your Internet connection is functioning properly. For example, visit Melita’s web site and click Refresh (F5). If your Internet connection is not functioning properly, e-mail will not work either. Once you established that your Internet connection is fine, but still can’t retrieve your e-mail, the problems might be with your Outlook Express settings. For more information, please click here

I need to configure my mail program but I don’t know what my “POP3 User Name” is

When configuring an e-mail program (such as Outlook Express), users have to specify the “POP3 account name” and its associated password. POP3 account name is a unique name of your electronic mailbox. This information must be unique so only the intended owner of a mailbox can gain access to it.

The POP3 account name is very often the first part of your e-mail address. For example, if your e-mail address is “”, your POP3 name is probably “johnny”. However, that is not always the case. A unique POP3 name is assigned to you when your e-mail address is created.

My mailbox is always full of junk mail

Junk mail (often called spam) is unsolicited communication that generally comes from a source you’re unfamiliar with and is most frequently sent for commercial purposes.

Melita’s mail servers eliminate the majority of junk mail that comes in, but because junk e-mailers always change their location and come up with innovative ways to mask their junk mail as legitimate messages, it’s impossible to eliminate all junk mail before it gets to your mailbox.

Never give your e-mail address to anyone you don’t trust. That includes web sites that require you to enter your e-mail address as part of registration process. Unless you are confident they are not going to sell or misuse your e-mail address, do not give it to them. Read the terms of use and privacy statements of any site before providing them with your address. If you can’t find their privacy statement, avoid entering your e-mail address.

Do not post your e-mail address on public forums, public web sites or newsgroups.

Do not try to ‘unsubscribe’ from junk mail lists by asking junk mailers to remove you from their database. Unfortunately, this only serves as a confirmation to junk mailers that your e-mail address exist and that you viewed their junk mail – as a consequence you might even get more of it.

Do not open links from or reply to junk e-mails, or e-mails form unknown senders.

Kindly note that Melita never requests its internet users to confirm their mail details, including passwords. Never give your password to anyone else (not even to Melita).

How do I create a “white list” to filter out junk e-mail?

Creating a “white list” can be used to combat junk e-mail. The mechanism is very simple: create a message rule that directs all unknown e-mail to a Junk folder while leaving all known e-mail in the Inbox.

To create a white list, please follow these instructions:

Create a Junk folder: click “File”, “Folder”, “New Folder”, click the “Local Folders” and enter “Junk” as the folder name.

Click “Tools”, “Message Rules” and then “Mail”.

Click “New”.

Check the “Where the From line contains people” box.

In the “3. Rule Description” section, click the “contains people”.

Add the e-mail addresses of people you know by typing or selecting their e-mail addresses and clicking “Add”. You can even specify just the last name: for example, adding “Magro” will enable all people whose name includes the word Magro to send e-mail directly to your Inbox.

Click “Options”. Select “Message does not contain the people below”. Click OK.

Click OK to close the “Select People” window.

Under “2. Select the Actions for your rule”, check the box next to “Move it to the specified folder”.

In the “3. Rule Description” section, click the “specified” folder, and then select the “Junk” folder.

Click “4.” and type in “White list rule”.

From now on, all e-mail from people you don’t know will be automatically moved to the Junk folder.

Of course, every once in a while (for example, once a week) you should revise the Junk folder for any messages you might actually be interested in.

To add another person to your white list, you need to edit the message rule:

Click “Tools”, “Message Rules” and then “Mail”.

Double click “White list rule”, click “does not contain…” and then add e-mail address(es) or names.

Can you tell me what my password is?

Customer support staff cannot communicate passwords and other sensitive information via e-mail or without proper identification.

Should you need to “reset” your password, please visit one of our outlets and present your identity card.

Business Clients should send in a fax requesting a new password to 27275020. The fax must be on a letterhead and must be signed by the Director. The fax must also include a fax number where we can send the new password.

How do I change my password from my mailbox?

To change your mailbox password, please log on to My Melita and go to My Settings.

Are there any limits to the amount of emails I can send?

You may send up to 5 emails with 50 recipients per minute. If this is exceeded, your mail service may be blocked for security purposes. If you mail service has been blocked, kindly contact us through the form provided on this website.

Do you support Bulk email service?

Melita currently does not offer a Bulk email service.

Can I use my own SMTP server to send out emails?

To prevent anonymous spamming, all our dynamic accounts have port 25 blocked. Should you wish to use your own mail server you would need to upgrade to a static IP package.

What is the largest email I can send?

Our email service supports emails (including attachments) up to 10MB