Cable Internet


I need help in setting up my internal network / PC

Our team will support you up to the modem configuration and initial setup of a PC if this is directly connected to the modem we provide. For the setup on intermediary devices such as a router, switch, access point or another 3rd party device, we recommend you seek the assistance of an I.T person as melita does not offer support for 3rd party customer equipment.

What is the area covered by the modem’s wireless signal?

Melita’s wireless modems typically cover a diameter of 50 meters; however the coverage strength is highly dependent on the premises layout, building material and anything which may interfere with wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals.

Wi-Fi RF is unprotected from outside signals, therefore similar signals working independently in the same geographic area which may be using the same or a similar frequency may interfere with each other and therefore, the coverage area may also be affected and reduced.

My wireless signal does not reach my whole premises, what can I do?

Melita will assist its customers with remotely tuning the wireless modem to different frequencies to avoid interference, which may result in better overall signal strength. The customer may also have the option to install a  3rd party wireless SSID analyzer tool on the PC, this type of tool  identifies which channel frequencies are in the air, therefore it would be easier for the customer to tune the modem to an unusable frequency. Although such software is available for free over the internet, Melita does not offer support for these tools.

If the wireless coverage area is hindered by the building layout or building material, the customer will have the option to buy a 3rd party access point. Melita will help setting up our wireless modem to acknowledge the access point, however access point settings are not supported by Melita, therefore this can be done either by the customer or by an I.T person employed/entrusted  by the customer.

How can I improve my wi-fi experience?

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you get the most of your Melita wireless mode.

  • Check your PC LAN card capability (More info)
  • If you are connected via Wi-Fi, check your Wireless network card capability (More info) – for example, “802.11g” would perform lower than “802.11n”. Also, some older network cards operate using 802.11b, achieving practical speeds of only 5Mbps. Your CISCO Modem has a “802.11n”, single band 2.4 GHz 2×2 Wireless Access Point (WAP)
  • We suggest using Google Chrome as your browser rather than Internet Explorer.
  • Position your Modem in a high location
  • Try changing the channel of your modem to achieve the best speed and range.

Can other equipment interfere with my Wi-Fi signal?

Since Wi-Fi uses radio waves for transmitting and receiving, Interference can occur from :

1. Walls, wooden doors, metal meshes, plants, humans and other obstacles

2. Radio interference from devices using the same frequency bands, including but not limited to:

  • cordless phones
  • baby monitors
  • wireless game controllers
  • wireless surveillance cameras
  • wireless lighting controllers
  • microwave ovens
  • bluetooth devices (typically being present on the same end-user device used for WIFI)
  • other WIFI devices on the network, such as laptops, mobile phones, camcorders, WIFI homeplugs
  • neighbouring WIFI networks (the more, the worse)

How can I improve my speed?

Below are some other factors that may affect your internet speed.

  • Operating system and hardware
  • Applications competing for resources and throughput, such as P2P.
  • Applications affecting throughput such as firewalls, VPN connections and antivirus software
  • Other devices affecting your Wi-Fi signal
  • Distance of your internet device from the cable modem

Can the modem be setup as a router?

Melita does provide modems with routing capabilities, however these are designed for home use only. Although channel bonding on Docsis 3 modems, allows customers to reach very high speeds the Modem routing capability does not match an industrial router designed for businesses. Therefore a business customer should be encouraged to use a bridged Cisco/Thomson Docsis 3 modem. 3rd party router configurations are to be done by network professionals and are not offered support by Melita.

Are there any ports blocked on the modem?

In case of a standard bridged modem no ports are blocked. Using this method ports can only be blocked through a 3rd party router however, this is not supported by Melita.

Through a Docsis 3 modem with the router mode option turned on, you will be able to use the modem’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) to configure port mapping or port forwarding. However, not that Melita does not offer support for port mapping or port forwarding. We recommend that you contact your IT Technician to assist with this configuration.

Do you support VPN pass through

Melita’s Cisco D3 Modems do support VPN pass-through but do not support VPN configurations. Other modems can have this feature enabled through the GUI. Standard Bridged modems allow all data through including VPN tagged data.

How can I test my Internet speed?

Melita hosts a speetest server which can be accessed from web address Speed tests can be performed against Melita’s test server based in Madliena. This speed test is operated by the world’s largest independent broadband measurement operator – OOKLA. Results for all countries and operators are also available on

How many Public IP addresses are available when I sign up for a dynamic connection?

Melita allows up to two Public IP addresses per dynamic connection

Do you support load balancing services

As Melita does not offer load balancing services we recommend you contact your IT technician of ICT provider for such services.